Marketing Secrets

marketing secrets

What is the secret to marketing? A question millions would like to know the answer to. After years in the field I don’t think there are any secrets as such, but I have found a pattern and elements which keeps cropping up.

In my experience successful organizations, marketing functions and campaigns are all driven by one thing – people. People are who we market to, they make the decisions but they are also the ones who develop the marketing strategies and deliver the campaigns – so people are the key.

Defining the solution as ‘people’ is unhelpful and fairly obvious, so to simplify things I summarize what I consider to be the formula for successful marketing into four areas, and they are a combination of personal traits, skills and processes:

– The foundation – understanding
– The number one trait – emotional intelligence
– The number one skill – communication
– The number one process – Segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP)

These four areas, in my experience, are what the best marketers have and do, but CAN be learnt and improved on; something covered in our Formula To Successful Marketing eBook which can be purchased in our Digital Marketing store. There it is, I said it! But if you don’t want to part with your cash I would recommend reading around the four areas above, you will need to put it all into the context of marketing but it will help you develop yourself.