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The Kibo Eclipse program was developed by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. It is a free software that can help you start an e-commerce business. It features a Fast Track System that lets you access pre-selected products. There is also Expand Your Inventory, which allows you to select additional products from the database. The software allows you to filter the 3 million+ products by traffic, demand, pricing, and profit per sale.


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With the help of quiz funnel blueprint, companies can segment their audience and understand their attitude towards different products and services. Through a quiz, you can segment your customers according to their personality type. This would enable you to understand the way customers use different communication tools and which communication channels are more effective for which kind of customers you have. A survey questionnaire can be designed for each segment and the results would show you which product or service is popular among these segments. Based on the findings of these questionnaires, you can launch more customized quizzes that specifically target your customers.

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Marketing Secrets

marketing secrets

What is the secret to marketing? A question millions would like to know the answer to. After years in the field I don’t think there are any secrets as such, but I have found a pattern and elements which keeps cropping up.

In my experience successful organizations, marketing functions and campaigns are all driven by one thing – people. People are who we market to, they make the decisions but they are also the ones who develop the marketing strategies and deliver the campaigns – so people are the key.

Defining the solution as ‘people’ is unhelpful and fairly obvious, so to simplify things I summarize what I consider to be the formula for successful marketing into four areas, and they are a combination of personal traits, skills and processes:

– The foundation – understanding
– The number one trait – emotional intelligence
– The number one skill – communication
– The number one process – Segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP)

These four areas, in my experience, are what the best marketers have and do, but CAN be learnt and improved on; something covered in our Formula To Successful Marketing eBook which can be purchased in our Digital Marketing store. There it is, I said it! But if you don’t want to part with your cash I would recommend reading around the four areas above, you will need to put it all into the context of marketing but it will help you develop yourself.